Wrinkle Relaxers

Wrinkle Relaxers are used to rejuvenate the face and reduce signs of ageing.  Anti wrinkle injection treatment is effective and convenient, with no downtime.
The injection contains a muscle relaxant protein obtained from a bacterium.  It is a naturally occurring protein, which has been purified.  When injected into a specific muscle group, it causes a temporary relaxation that softens the wrinkles in the area thereby giving a more youthful appearance.  The skin will also look smoother as the relaxer has an effect on the sweat glands, reducing the bulging caused by them.  The injections can also lift areas by relaxing the muscles pulling downwards.
To minimise the risk of bruising, we advise all our clients to avoid the following for several days prior to treatment:
• Alcohol
• Green tea
• Fish oil capsules, Vitamin E, Ginko Biloba, St John’s Wart
• Anti-inflammatory / Blood Thinning medications such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen and other NSAIDS are all blood thinning and can increase the risk of bruising/swelling after injections.
Schedule your wrinkle relaxer appointment at least 2 weeks prior to a special event which may be occurring, i.e. wedding, vacation, re-union, so as the effects can be fully established for your event.
Injection of wrinkle relaxers at Skin Care Australia is a guided step-by-step process.  The first step is the consultation, where our cosmetic injector will assess your needs and discuss what areas require treatment.  This is a very complicated procedure as we strive to give a dose that will provide extended relaxation of the muscle group, but also provide a natural looking result whilst working within your budget.  We then apply a very strong anaesthetic cream (optional) to the area that is to be injected.  Our creams are up to six times stronger than those available from chemists, and work within five minutes. Please note that most other clinics skip this step.  We use the smallest needles available, which are only slightly larger than acupuncture needles.  We then apply disposable ice packs just before injecting, in order to minimise the discomfort even further.  The end result is an almost painless injection with little risk of bruising.
The injection will start working within 3 days with the full effect occurring in 2 weeks.  Initially the results will last 3- 4 months, with it lasting longer and longer as more treatments are performed.  The trick is not to let the muscle fully recover and re-strengthen before the next dose.  So, the best time for the next injection is about a week or two after significant movement starts occurring.
Please note that we strive to avoid under-treatment as lower doses will result in less muscle relaxation and shortened duration of action.
Any wrinkle treatment by our experienced cosmetic injectors should result in a natural look afterwards.  If someone can tell you’ve had a procedure, then we’ve failed.  We always strive to use the smallest effective dose possible in each area, and obtain a natural refreshed outcome.  The idea is that other people should think you look refreshed, just like you’ve just come back from a holiday or you’ve had a good long sleep.
Here at Skin Care Australia we strive to give our clients the best value for money.  Not only that, but all injections are performed by a very experienced cosmetic injector.  So you can expect the right advice for you, not some high pressure sales pitch.  There are many other areas not mentioned here that can be treated, due to TGA regulations we are not allowed to mention them, please ask our practitioners for further information.
The guidelines to follow post treatment have been followed for years, and are still employed today to prevent side effects . These measures should minimize the possibility of eyebrow or eyelid droop to almost zero.– Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours.– The most important thing is to not massage the area for the next 24 hours. Gentle face washing it fine after the injection. Not massaging the area will keep the wrinkle relaxer in the area is was intended for.– Avoid the use of skin care containing active ingredients such as retinol vitamin c, glycol acid, lactic acid, perfumes and colours during the first 24 hours.– Avoid applying oil based make up during the first 24 hours, mineral make up is fine.– Avoid facials, waxing, chemical peels, IPL or energy based treatments and microdermabrasion for two weeks after treatment.

Will It Look Natural and Is It Safe?
Skin Care Australia are known for providing a gentle approach with natural looking results. As such it is perfectly safe in the minute doses that are placed in the muscles in the face and forehead for anti-wrinkle injections. There have been no reported long-term adverse effects from any anti-wrinkles injections and the product is naturally broken down and cleared out of the muscles within 3-6 months of the treatment.
Will It hurt, Will I Bruise?
There will be minimal discomfort as the area will be numb. Most people do not bruise. If you do, it will be a small bruise easily covered with concealer and will clear within 3 days.
What To Expect After Treatment?
For most people, the effect will last 3-4 months before lines slowly begin to return. If you have repeat treatments, the effect may last longer. Longevity of results may also be related to the dose that you have received and will be discussed at your consultation.
Follow Up Appointment
Once your wrinkle relaxer treatment has been completed, you will be requested to return to the clinic approximately 2 weeks after. This is an important part of the treatment process as your practitioner will ensure that your treatment is complication free and that you are satisfied with the treatment outcome. 
What is the cost of treatment?
The cost of treatment will depend on the dose that you require to achieve your desired effect. This will vary according to the strength of the muscle being treated and this differs between individuals and facial areas. Pre treatment Consultation is provided by one of our practitioners. This consultation enables you to express your concerns freely and confidentially.  Following an assessment and examination a tailored treatment plan will be provided and the most appropriate treatment for you will be discussed.