Vein and Redness Removal

At Skin Care Australia, Vein and Redness removal is done via IPL treatment. Due to IPL’S special properties we can treat several layers of blood vessels in a single shot.

The IPL hand piece works by firing a gentle burst of light at select blood vessels beneath the skin. The relatively painless treatment damages the blood vessels from the inside, and then they are absorbed. We recommend treatments at four week intervals. In general, two to three treatments are all that is required. Treatments are fast and effective, taking less than half an hour. Most veins can be permanently removed, but touch-ups may occasionally be required if underlying vessels are recruited. This treatment has no downtime, but occasionally some redness may persist for up to 24 hours afterwards in the treated area.

Fast, effective and affordable, IPL is a brilliant method for improving the condition of your skin and erasing any imperfections. There’s no need to cover up and hide away when there’s a treatment this easy and affordable.