As we age, the temporal area begins to suffer from bone and fat loss.  As bone, fat and collagen deplete, our skin gradually loses its scaffolding, leading to sagging. 

When this occurs in the temples, a concave or ‘sunken’ depression can form between the brow, hairline and cheeks, giving us a ‘caved-in’ look.  This accentuates drooping skin around the temples and can also worsen the appearance of crow’s feet while forcing our overall face to take on a less rounded look or "peanut head".

When it comes to treating temple hollows with fillers you should choose an experienced medical doctor who you trust.  Dr. Phil has extensive experience in softening hollow temples with cosmetic injections.  He has been performing these procedures for over 15 years.

Replacement of volume in the temples can help with saggy eyebrows, cheeks and stretch crows feet.